In the dawn of the Quantum Era, a primitive 3-qubit Quantum Computer is trying to challenge the Classical Computer, the long-time ruler of the Computer Empire. Your mission is to use your Human Intelligence to help the Quantum Computer defeat the Classical Computer and demonstrate "quantum supremacy" for the first time in human history. The battle field of the Quantum-Classic war is none other than the classic Pong game.


W, A, S, D: move cursor 

Z: Place/remove Hadamard gate 

X: Place/remove X gate


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Source code:

Made withPICO-8
Tagspong, qiskit, quantum


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Dear creators,

Can't seem to get the game to work in Chrome Browser. Nothing happens when I click 'continue':

Thanks, and hope to hear

Are you playing it on desktop or mobile? I have tested both and they are working for me. If you are playing on desktop, please check the keys: w a s d for directions, z and x are for confirm and cancel. Please let me know if you still face problems and thank you for playing!